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"If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor." - Albert Einstein


About Us


DirecMedia Group, Inc., is a full service communication business solutions company. Our goal is to provide quality services that include marketing, cyber content management /productions, public imaging designs, technical copywriting and media management. 

DirecMedia is a business media clearinghouse that is focused on maximizing your message, while minimizing the challenges associated with developing & maintaining your specific communication persona.

DirecMedia is a media production and business communication management organization that is able to tailor a specific  customized plan to manage your business or professional media communication.


DirecMedia Group, Inc. can meet your specific business communication needs without interrupting your workflow. Quality techniques and tools help lower the costs of people focused service processes and improve customer satisfaction. We can drive your message home with clear, focused language that appeals to your customers' needs.

DirecMedia Group is experienced with all aspects of technical documentation, from the editing of computer manuals and the writing of white papers to the creation and design of data sheets. Whether you need a brochure, newsletter, an advertisement, or even a flyer, make sure your investment in printing costs is maximized with crisp, targeted content.


DirecMedia Group will manage your media challenges by cohesive planning, implementation, and control of the production processes to ensure smooth and efficient operation. The importance of organizational perception is critical in product or service recognition and to have a positive view on your projected results is paramount in establishing or maintaining relevance. 

Media management entails research; that is, finding out as much as you can about your clients through direct contact, web sites, sales literature, newsletters, blogs and other sources. You want to know what they sell, to whom, who sells against them, what major benefits and features they offer, and how they position and view themselves in the marketplace.



Management & Staff
Our people are here to serve you...

J. Brown
Operations Director
S. Cao
Support Manager

J. Lockley
Production Manager

G. Yang
Technical Director

P. Smith
Graphic Arts & Special Effects

C. Joseph
Copywriter & Editor

A. Lissette
Public Relations Manager

N. Brown
Production Assisistant

S. Calhoun
Marketing Advisor



“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” C. G. Jung